Synchroscope with Check Sync Relay

Check Synchroscope - 96-LCSYNC


Pentagon Instruments are the OEM of the 96-LSYNC & 96-LCSYNC synchroscopes. Our range of two types of Synchroscopes are microprocessor controlled. Our LED Synchroscopes are designed to be used for manual synchronisation, and the LED's will optically indicate the electrical phase difference between two AC voltages. Our LED Synchroscope with Check Sync Relay has a 1 pole changeover relay output which is controlled in live bus situations by differential voltage and phase angle, and in a dead bus situation where no system voltages are detected


  • Precision LED Synchroscope
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Check Synchroscope Live Bus
  • Check Synchroscope Dead Bus

Quantity Discounts Avaliable  - 5 % for Quantity of 5 or more  - 10 % for Quantity of 10 or more

For more information on our Synchroscopes please download the data sheet

Accuracy +/- 0.5 °
Burden 1.8VA MAX
Frequency 30-440 Hz

Check Synchroscope (96-LCSYNC)

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